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Internship at ijgd

We offer a range of different types of internships. Most options are available in the workcamp sector.

  • If you lead an international workcamp in Germany this is usually recognised as an internship (two to ten weeks usually, but in agreement it is also possible for longer). For this purpose however you need to complete a training.
  • You can take part in a workcamp abroad (between three and four weeks). However, you should find out from your place of training in advance, if a workcamp is recognised as an internship.
  • You would like to head a workcamp abroad? This is only possible within Europe and only for people, who have already led a workcamp in Germany.
    More information is available from the workcamp leader department in Hannover. Tel.: 0511-13229754, workcamps.leiten@ijgd.de.
  • You can also do a midterm voluntary service or a midterm voluntary service (MTV) abroad (two to six months) and have this recognised as an internship. The same as with the workcamps applies here: please make sure to check at your place of training if they are willing to recognise a MTV as an internship.
  • Would you like to take a look behind the scenes of ijgd and work in one of the offices? Then send an informal application to one of the ijgd offices. This internship should be at least three weeks long.
  • If you have done a voluntary service in the social, ecological or monument conservation sector, some training centres will recognise these as a pre-study internship for a training or technical college admission. We do however recommend that you get yourself an individual approval from your training centre.