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Studies & projects

2014: Bertelsmann-Stiftung calls ijgd "excellent!“

The „Evangelische Hochschule Darmstadt“ investigated exemplary volunteer management in youth organisations on behalf of the Bertelsmann foundation. The ijgd was amongst the twelve „best practice“ organisations.  Three full-time employees from the Hildesheim office (Jutta Plümer, Kristin Escher, Ulrich Räbiger) and two volunteers (Jana Postels and Nora Wallek) were interviewed in detail by researchers of the Darmstadt University under the direction of Prof. Dr. Michael Vilain.  The study was published in November of 2014 in Vol. 3 of of the series „Ausgezeichnet!“ with the title „Freiwilligenmanagement in Jugendorganisationen“.

Study long term effects on the development of the personality from the participation in international youth encounter measures

To date the first study of this depth, with its research team around Prof. Alexander Thomas at the university of Regensburg, this study has researched the detectable long term effects on the development of the personality based on participation in international youth exchange measures.
So much for now: lasting effects on the personality and the further biography of the participant are visible even ten years after an international youth exchange. 

Study short term effects of the participation in an international workcamp

Inspired by the long term study is a further study examining the direct effects of a participation in an international workcamp in the home country and abroad. Within the framework of a dissertation and diploma thesis almost all ijgd participants of workcamps in 2004 and living in Germany were included in the study.