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Voluntary Services Abroad

ijgd offers a number of various voluntary services abroad. The length of the stay in a foreign country is one determining factor in the type of voluntary service you may take part in. You may choose between a medium-term volunteer service and a long-term service.

Of course we also offer short-term voluntary services. You can find our offer on these services listed in the section International Workcamps.

Up to 6 months abroad

The ijgd offers medium-term voluntary services for the following regions: Europe, USA, Canada, Japan (organised by ijgd Bonn) and Africa, Asia and Latin America, falling under the responsibilty of ijgd Berlin.

From 6 months onwards abroad

The ijgd has been successfully involved as a sending organisation for long-term voluntary services since 1996. At the moment 300 young people annually find voluntary services abroad through us and our partner organisations. Volunteers have the opportunity to choose between various programmes offered.