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If you are interested in applying for the voluntary service with the ijgd, please complete the application form on your computer, print it and then send the completed form with all its required attachments to the particular ijgd office (Berlin, Bonn or Hildesheim). Please do not send us any loose-leaf binders, transparent folders etc.

Indicate which country and deployment site you would like to apply for. If you are not yet certain, then please contact the ijgd office closest to you (Berlin, Bonn or Hildesheim). Of course you may also contact us if you have already found a place of deployment that suits your interest.

We accept applications throughout the entire year and are willing to help with applications and with deployments. Nonetheless you should try to apply as early as possible. We regularly send invitations for the application days and we then begin with the allocation of posts.

We organise a number of application days in a year, where you can receive detailed information about offered deployment sites and the general conditions of the IJFD. Unfortunately we are not able to cover your transport costs. You are required to attend an interview to take part in the IJFD programme.

Application – this is how it goes

IJFD in Israel, Italy, Jordan and Palestine
IJFD in Israel, Italy, Japan, Jordan and Palestine
IJFD in Estonia, France, Great Britain, Ireland, Latvia, Norway and Romania
IJFD in Albania, Belgium, Denmark, New Zealand, Spain, Switzerland and the US