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Concerning finances

The IJFD is a programme subsidised by the Bundesministerium für Familie, Senioren, Frauen und Jugend (Federal Ministry of Family, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth). However the costs for the voluntary service are still very high and the state funding is not sufficient to cover all arising costs. This is the reason why a part of the costs is carried by a community of solidarity, to which the ijgd, the deployment sites and the volunteers themselves belong.

Volunteers get involved by setting up sponsoring societies to help them acquire donations. This sponsoring society consists of a group of people who support the voluntary services through donations into the voluntary fund.

The sponsoring society makes it possible that the preconditions for all volunteers are the same and that taking part in a voluntary service is not dependent on the financial situation of individual volunteers. In order to ensure the total financing, we need to receive a financial contribution of at least 2400,- Euro for a 12 month service period. Sponsors may receive a donation receipt if desired.

If you are entitled to receive child benefit, it will be continued in the IJFD after presenting the certificate that we provide.

What do we expect of you?

  • Setting up a sponsoring society
  • Organising the trip to and from the project
  • If necessary: applying for the visa and meeting those costs
  • What should you expect from the ijgd and the deployment site/partner organisation in the host country?
  • Searching for deployment sites abroad
  • Support with the connection between you and the deployment site
  • Registration of foreign health insurance, liability insurance and accident insurance for the duration of the voluntary service and meeting those costs
  • Providing you with an appropriate accommodation (usually a furnished single or shared room, in some exceptional cases you may receive an additional grant for accommodation)
  • Catering (either meals will be provided or a monthly allowance will be paid out for food, the amount varying depending on the host country)
  • Payment of a monthly pocket money (again, varying depending on the host country)
  • Refunding of at least 50% of the travel costs into the host country and back after presentation of the original tickets (the maximum amount depends on the host country)
  • Organisation of 25 seminar days that are compulsory for the IJFD and meeting all costs that arise in this aspect, including travel expenses
  • Support during crisis and conflicts