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Seminars in the International Youth Voluntary Service

A part of your voluntary service is the participation in 25 training days which are usually divided into three seminars (before, during and after the voluntary service). This participation in the seminars is compulsory. For your benefit we have time frames that you are allowed to fill with your own topics. We hope that you are prepared to participate in the content creation and execution of the seminar themes.

Our seminar goals are

  • Advancing intercultural and social competencies
  • Acquiring awareness for own personal and career life perspectives
  • Dealing with sociopolitical interrelations
  • New impulses for the daily work in the project
  • Promotion of social and political engagements.

The preparation seminar

The preparation seminar usually lasts for 8-12 days. In the centre of this is the preparation of the stay abroad dealing with both organisational aspects as well as country-specific aspects and meeting the other volunteers. You will receive general information about the IJFD and cover topics that include interculturalism, identity, culture shock and conflict management.

The interim seminar
The interim seminar takes place in Germany or the host country. Here you will take part in a 7-10 day seminar or in several shorter seminars with various thematic focus points.
We consider it important for you to reflect on your situation during your stay in the project during this seminar. Additionally you will have time to share your experiences with the other volunteers and can clarify what it is that you wish to achieve and experience for the rest of your voluntary service and your future career.

The follow-up seminar
The follow-up seminar lasts 5-7 days. This seminar will be used to evaluate your experiences during the voluntary service. It will take place either during the last weeks of your voluntary service or within 8 weeks after the completion of your voluntary service.