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Participation conditions

weltwärts programme with the ijgd Berlin

1. Like all other voluntary services the weltwärts programme also has requirements that applicants need to meet. The weltwärts funded deployment sites of the ijgd Berlin can be applied to by young people who:

  • have an interest in cultures and living conditions in countries of the global South,
  • are prepared to be dedicated and actively work in a deployment site of a partner organisation and to take part in the professional pedagogic support programme,
  • are at least 18 years of age at the point of the planned departure and who are no older than 28 years at the time of entering the agreement after the first preparation seminar,
  • have school-leaving qualifications or some other type of suitable qualifications,
  • are German citizens or are in possession of a permanent residence permit (at least 3 years residency in Germany - a police registration is needed incase of a residence permit),
  • have a good command of the language in the host country (or rather at least English, French, Spanish) at the time of registration.

The ijgd Berlin may have other additional requirements depending on the deployment site, as some of these deployment sites require volunteers to bring specific qualifications.

2. All requirements are examined by ijgd Berlin by means of an application procedure.

3. Applications are made via the application form (online and via post including language certificates, copies of reports etc.). By signing the document the applicant accepts the participation conditions of the weltwärts programme of the ijgd Berlin.

4. In order to increase commitment in the weltwärts programme and to minimise additional arising costs due to a rejection or a cancellation before the departure, the ijgd will probably request a “commitment deposit” after confirmation, which will then later be transferred back to the volunteer after departure. If this commitment deposit is not detectable on time, the participation confirmation becomes void through the ijgd. The implementation of this commitment deposit, the amount as well as the conditions concerning transfer and refunding will be announced here as soon as the BMZ has advised on the commitment deposit.

5. The ijgd Berlin connects applicants with deployment sites of partner organisations in countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Taking part in the weltwärts programme is only possible with recognised ijgd deployment sites. It is not possible to suggest deployment sites and to apply for support for these. Only recognised organisations that offer a voluntary service in cooperation with project partners, are funded in the framework of the weltwärts programme.

6. Applicants will be registered with the weltwärts coordination office after they have successfully applied, supplied proof of their medical fitness (view point 10), have fully completed taking part in a preparation seminar and signed the weltwärts agreement between the ijgd and the volunteer.

7. The duration of the weltwärts voluntary service with the ijgd Berlin is 12 months.

8. The participation in a weltwärts programme is largely free of charge for the participant.
a) the following services are ensured by the ijgd Berlin in the framework of funding by the BMZ:

  • the preparation seminar in Germany including accommodation, catering and travel costs according to traveling expenses regulations of the ijgd Africa, Asia, Latin America area (AALA),
  • insurance cover during the stay abroad: this includes at least one foreign health insurance, one accident insurance incl. invalidity and fatality (sum insured amounting to 200 000 € with 225% progression), a liability insurance and travel return insurance,
  • the flight to and from the host country,
  • allowance amounting to 100 € per month,
  • orientation seminar as well as interim and end seminars in the host country that are organised by the partner organisation of the ijgd,
  • accommodation and catering are up to local standards in the host country,
  •  traveling costs in the host country apply according to the ijgd AALA traveling cost expenses regulation,
  • support by a mentor,
  • follow up seminar after return back to Germany, including accommodation, catering and traveling costs according to the ijgd AALA traveling costs regulations.

b) the following services are not carried by the ijgd Berlin but are to be carried by the participant:

  • costs arising due to visa application (see the list of costs here),
  • purchase costs for things of personal need before and during the voluntary service.

c) costs for the health certificate (point 10) and vaccinations are generally handed in by the participant to the health insurance for coverage. In the case of a rejection on behalf of the health insurance to cover the costs, the participant (with the help of the ijgd Berlin) must file an objection. The ijgd Berlin will only take over the costs of the health certificate and the vaccinations as well as the malaria prophylaxis (max. 3 months) that are advised by the doctor specialising in tropical medicine if: they are advised by the Ständige Impfkommission (vaccination commission) or by the Federal Foreign Office and are not otherwise covered.

9. In the framework of the weltwärts voluntary service according to the weltwärts guidelines the participant is requested to support the programme with a willingness to donate. Prior to departure the applicant is advised to organise a charity society and to participate in the programme execution by contributing 225 € (max.) per voluntary service month ( for 12 months a total of 2.700 €).

10. By handing in a health certificate, the participant provides evidence that he or she is physically healthy and resilient and can take part in the voluntary service without any health restrictions. He or she should inform the ijgd incase of any respective pre-existing conditions. The participant will receive the health certificate with the written letter of confirmation.

11. The participant is responsible for the organisaton of the health certificate, the vaccinations and malaria prophylaxis as well as the visa application. To support the applicant, the ijgd has respective information and documents to give to the participant.

12. The flight is booked by the ijgd on the participant's behalf. The final booking of the flight takes place earliest after the preparation seminar.

13. The participant commits him/herself to the participation of at least 25 seminar days (attendance is to be proven), as well as a three month coverage including a final report. The participant is also expected to be active in development aid after the completion of the voluntary service.

14. The rights and obligations of a participant and the ijgd are set up in an agreement that both parties need to sign. This agreement is decided upon within a certain time frame after the preparation seminar has been completed.

15. The participant is aware that by taking part in the weltwärts programme he/she is bound to the guidelines and the sending organisation for the arranged time. Generally there are no provisions made for an early termination of the voluntary service. The parties commit themselves to dealing with conflicts and fundamental differences of opinion by applying mutual understanding and conflict resolution. An early termination of the voluntary service is therefor to be viewed as the very last resort and after attempting to solve the problem with all other possibilities (such as changing or expanding the work tasks, changing the accommodation, changing the deployment site, switching to a different partner organisation etc.). The conditions for an early termination will be defined in the agreement between the participant and the ijgd Berlin.

16. A change in the concrete work tasks within the described programme and a change in the different weltwärts deployment site by the same partner organisation (and recognised by the BMZ) may be necessary due to functional reasons and does not release the participant of his/her commitment to work, as long as no unreasonable workload is expected. The conditions with respect to a possible change in the deployment site during the weltwärts voluntary service are recorded in an agreement between the participant and the ijgd Berlin, as well as in the "Memorandum of Understanding".

17. The planning, preparation and execution of the programmes on site are the responsibility of the respective partner organisation as agreed upon with the ijgd Berlin.

18. The rights and responsibilities of the partner organisations in the host country as well as the deployment site in the host country are settled in a contract between the ijgd, the partner organisation and the deployment site. An English version of the "Memorandum of Understanding" is stored at the ijgd and the BMZ and has been signed by the ijgd, the partner organisation and the deployment site.

19. If due to any reason pertaining to organisational, content or security issues the voluntary service in a certain weltwärts deployment site should (no longer) be possible, the ijgd Berlin will inform the effected participant as soon as possible and organise an alternative or organise the return back home. The requirement is that the participant is reachable in case of such an eventuality. If an early return is to take place, from the time of the return onwards the participant no longer has any rights to the services mentioned under point 8.

20. In the following cases the ijgd Berlin reserves the right to cancel the participation acceptance or to cancel the agreement:
if the participant does not attend the preparation seminar,
if the conduct or the characteristics displayed by the participant could cause to be a fundamental hindrance to the deployment into the host country,
if in the application, the health certificate or the agreement concerning the topic of health, untrue information was given, or if a sickness, treatment or need for treatment for the participant comes to light, which could cause for a risk to the participation in the programme,
incase of some unforeseen act of nature beyond control that could drastically impede or endanger or affect the participation,
if the participant has not put an effort into applying for a visa in a way that can be expected and is reasonable,
if the participant has not handed in the documents necessary (such as A-levels report or final report) for the participation in the weltwärts programme to the Ijgd Berlin until latest the day before the departure,
The ijgd reserves the right to assert the previously indicated costs ( in particular the seminar costs and flight cancellation fees ), provided that otherwise cost recovery is not possible.

21. After cancellation of the agreement the participant does not have the right to claim any of the services mentioned under point 8. The participant has no right to claim a refund on the donations made.

22. A repeated participation in the weltwärts programme is only possible in well-founded exceptional cases and after a suitable amount of time.