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Up to 6 months abroad

ijgd offers medium-term volunteer services (MTV) – these are volunteer services that last between two to six months.

MTV in Europe, USA, Canada, Japan and South Korea

Should you be interested in doing a medium-term voluntary service in Europe, North America or East Asia, you have a number of various options to choose from. You may either want to join a group or possibly to be the only volunteer in your project of choice. The colleagues in the Bonn offices will be glad to help you find a medium-term volunteer service that will suit your interests.

MTV in Africa, Asia and Latin America

If you are interested in taking part in a medium-term volunteer service, please be aware that you need to be flexible, independent, motivated and enduring. Volunteers work in our partner organisations' places of deployment. You will live with a host family, at the site of the project or in a communal accommodation together with other volunteers – in simple local living conditions.