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A Mid-term Voluntary Service (MTV) in Africa, Asia or Latin America

An MTV in Africa, Asia or Latin America is a two to six month individual voluntary service in a charitable sector. Our partner organisations offer a number of areas for you to volunteer at, such as the participation in an orphanage or in a school. You could also support the work with people with disabilities or in a clinic, help out in a nature conservation or environmental education project.

If you are interested in taking part in one such MTV, you should be independent and flexible and bring along with you the necessary motivation and enthusiasm. You should also be able to deal with things not always going according to plan. If you bring with you these qualities, we are happy to receive your application. Your letter of motivation is especially important to us in the process of evaluation. In the online application form you will find questions that should be answered in your letter of motivation.

The voluntary service is not considered as development aid or emergency aid in a conflict area, but rather should be understood as a learning service - whereby volunteers usually learn more than what they are able to impart.

Volunteers work in the places of deployment of our partner organisations, usually together with local staff. As an MTV volunteer, you will live with a host family, in the actual place of deployment or a shared accommodation with other volunteers in the simple local conditions. A partner organisation will act as your contact person on site.

Costs of the voluntary service are carried by the volunteer. It is sometimes possible for the MTV to be extended to over six months. It is also possible sometimes for a volunteer to take part in a workcamp before, during or after the MTV.

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