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Preparation and Postprocessing

Preparation seminar MTV

For the preparation needed before the MTV the ijgd considers a preparation seminar absolutely necessary. You will receive a first impression of a voluntary service in the context of the MTV programme in Africa, Asia or Latin America.  This entails information regarding the procedure  of a voluntary service, possible challenges that could arise, thoughts considering your own role and position and ideas concerning cross-culture learning.  The motivation and expectations of participants are also focussed on and people who have already participated in MTVs talk about their experiences. You can also exchange your thoughts and feelings with other participants who are planning the same as you. The seminar should help you to make a decision which host country and which place of deployment you would like to choose. In addition, organisational aspects such as questions concerning flight, visa, vaccinations etc. will be addressed. There will also be enough opportunity to intensely look into the various aspects of North-South relations.
Versatile methods are implemented in our seminars. The seminars are planned by volunteers who have returned from their voluntary services and are based on self-organisation, one of the action principles of the ijgd.
Workcamp and MTV volunteers take part in the same preparation seminar. The preparation seminar thus gives you the opportunity to change your mind from doing a MTV to workcamp or vice versa.

Postprocessing and continuation of work

Each year in Autumn, a postprocessing seminar for workcamps and MTVs takes place. Here you have the opportunity to share your experiences with other volunteers, who may have also been to different countries, giving you the chance to compare and think about what you can do with your experiences now that you are back. You also have the time to think about your experiences more intensely. You may also have suggestions that could help the ijgd and our partner organisations improve on or complement our work. Ijgd will use the postprocessing seminars to inform you about further possibilities of commitment abroad or locally. 

You can find the seminar dates under "Costs and Dates".


The preparation seminars and postprocessing seminars are sponsored by:  Brot für die Welt