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weltwärts in Eastern Europe

Within the framework of the weltwärts programme we send volunteers to projects or deployment sites with partner organisations in East Europe and Central Asia.

The weltwärts programme is an offer for young people aged between 18 and 28 years old. If this includes you and if also you:

  • are interested  in topics related to development policy,
  • are interested in the cultures and living conditions of the destination countries,
  • are prepared to work for about 12 months in one of the projects of our partner organisations with dedication and energy,
  • want to be involved in development policy before, during and after your stay abroad,
  • have good language skills of the host country's language or are prepared to learn the language with dedication before and during the voluntary service,
  • have a secondary school certificate, advanced technical college certificate, general higher education entrance qualification or any other comparable qualification,

then go weltwärts!

The ijgd have successfully undergone an external inspection by the Quifd (Agency for Quality in Voluntary Services) regarding the implementation of quality requirements within the weltwärts voluntary services.

What is weltwärts?

Weltwärts is a voluntary service concerning development policies, initiated and funded by the BMZ (Federal Ministry for Economic Co-operation and Development). The ijgd is recognised by BMZ as a sending organisation. Weltwärts is not a development aid association but rather a learning service that gives young people a chance to experiene an intercultural exchange and gain an insight into developmental relationships. 
This voluntary service aims to make young people aware of global dependencies and interdependencies and to make these comprehensible through the work done in the weltwärts projects. It aims to sustainably promote commitment for the "one world" through a support of deployment sites and local projects as well as developmental education in Germany.