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Participants must be at least 18 years of age and under 28 years of age at the time of entering into the agreement (usually in June or July). Younger or older interested persons may not take part in the "weltwärts" programme.

As with the other voluntary services "weltwärts" also has certain requirements for its applicants. Young people between 18 and 28 may apply to the project funded by "weltwärts" if....

  • they have a German citizenship or a relevant right of residence, meaning at least 3 years of residence (police registration must be presented),
  • they have good knowledge of one of the languages spoken in the host country (such as Russian, Romanian) or are prepared to dedicate time to acquiring the language before and during the voluntary service intensively,
  • they have an interest in the cultures and living conditions of the host country,
  • are prepared to work in a project of the sending organisation with dedication and hard work and commit to take part in the professional pedagogical accompanying programme,
  • have a secondary school certificate with a completed apprenticeship, advanced technical college certificate, general matriculation standard or comparable qualification.

With the "weltwärts" programme volunteers enter into a big textual commitment. They have to be prepared to get involved strongly in the project and to immerse themselves into an unknown culture.