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Up to 6 months in Europe, Japan, South Korea, North America

There are three possibilities for you to be active as a volunteer for a longer period of time:

Medium-term volunteership (MTV)

A medium-term volunteer service lasts between two and six months. As an MTV-volunteer you have the opportunity to support a specific project. You will be integrated into the general daily local routine and expected to take care of tasks independently. An MTV-volunteer is often the only volunteer on-site. You will live with a host family or have a room (together with other volunteers) located at the project. Our partner organisation will be in charge of your stay on-site.
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Permanent camp

A permanent camp is a workcamp that usually lasts for six months. A number of volunteers take part from various different countries. The arrival and departure of such a permanent camp is not fixed so that you are free to determine the length of your service as well as the arrival and departure dates in consultation with the hosting project. As there are usually a few volunteers on-site, community and an exchange is far more central to the experience than with the medium-term volunteer services.
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A number of workcamps

At the centre of a workcamp lies not only the work itself but also an intercultural exchange and the shared life in a project. All participants arrive and leave the project at the same time, so that the time spent in a project is lived and shared intensely with others. One camp lasts between two and three weeks. You can take part in a number of workcamps after each other and therefore additionally have the opportunity to see many parts of a country independently in the times between your chosen workcamps. This offers a great opportunity to get to know various parts of a country and the people living in it.
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