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Commitment for one year

A voluntary service provides young people with the chance to learn new skills in preparation for the future whilst also focussing on an understanding of values. The ijgd offers a range of great opportunities for volunteers to spend a year "finding themselves" through learning and trying out new things and discovering their own strengths and skills.

Many former volunteers see their time volunteering as having helped them in discovering their talents, influencing their career choices and as the start of many long-lasting friendships. It is also important to remember that volunteering can have a positive impact on a wider societal level. The ijgd offer a number of different voluntary services.

We offer several different voluntary services

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In a nutshell: voluntary services offered by the ijgd

Voluntary Social Year

Volunteers aged up to 27 can work in various different social institutions. Under the guidance of specialists, volunteers have a chance to see if the social sector suits their professional interests. The Voluntary Social Year is a year dedicated to learning and orientation and may be recognised as an internship for some apprenticeships.

Voluntary Ecological Year

The main focus of the Voluntary Ecological Year is on nature and what people can do to preserve the environment. Here you will be employed in a location of your choice  and will have the chance to take part in educational seminars.

Voluntary Social Year in Monumental Preservation

This Voluntary Social Year is dedicated to the preservation of cultural and architectural heritage. It offers you the chance to deal with monument and cultural heritage preservation on a theoretical and practical level and will prepare you for professional life in this field.

Voluntary Social Year in Politics and Democracy

This voluntary service will give you the opportunity to gather insight into political procedures and to try yourself out in this field. Places of employment for the social year: administrations, commissions, parliamentary bodies, political foundations, citizens advice bureaus, broadcasting institutions, youth media, social communities, non-party institutions and more.

Voluntary Social Year in Science, Engineering and Sustainability

This voluntary service is for those of you who are interested in collecting experience in the field of natural sciences.
Volunteers can choose from services in universities, research institutions, municipalities, associations, institutions for environment or energy engineering or agencies for renewable raw materials.

Federal Voluntary Service

This is an opportunity for men and women of all ages who would like to do something for the common good outside of their career or schooling. This is possible in the social, ecological or cultural sector, within integration or the civil emergency services.

Voluntary Services for Interested Overseas Applicants

Interested applicants from overseas also have the possibility to do a voluntary service in Germany. These voluntary services take place in social, cultural, heritage, political or ecological projects.

Long-term Commitment

After having completed your voluntary service, you might still want to further be involved within ijgd or for the project. We offer training seminars for team leaders where you can learn to lead training workshops for volunteers. Or you may want to become a mentor for foreign volunteers.