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Long-term Commitment with ijgd

Teamers of educational seminars of voluntary years

You have successfully completed a voluntary social year and would now like to further take part in ijgd activities?

You can take part in the following spheres:

  • in a training seminar for voluntary teamers and help leading the FSJ educational seminars
  • become active as a mentor for foreign volunteers and help them to become used to their new environment (find information via the offices in Bonn and Hildesheim)
  • as a voluntary information commissioner helping us in handing out flyers, posters etc.
  • assisting in regional forums coming up and executing ideas with other ijgd participants in your region

Our training seminars for teamers train you for the leadership of education seminars. Depending on your previous experience together with a pedagogical assistant from the ijgd or with other teamers in the cycle from September until August you will lead five to six one-week long seminars depending on the field. This entails the contextual and organisational preparation of the seminars with the volunteers, the pedagogical assistance of group processes and the seminar execution on site as well as the evaluation of the seminars.

For more information you can contact the various offices. There they will give you information regarding possibilities of involvement. You can contact the office closest to you.

Of course if you are interested you can also take part in the other offers of the association such as a workcamp or MTV or assist in a work group.