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Voluntary Ecological Year

Would you like to get actively involved in caring for nature and the environment? In the Voluntary Ecological Year (FÖJ) you can gain and deepen ecological knowledge through practical work. You can try out some career opportunities or orientate yourself and gather experiences that will further your development.

The Voluntary Ecological Year is thus an educational and orientation year. You will work in a deployment site of your choice whilst caring for nature and the environment and will additionally take part in accompanying educational seminars. The Voluntary Ecological Year usually kicks off on the 1st September of each year and lasts until the 31st August of the following year.

You can take part if you are between 16 and 26 years old and have completed the compulsory full-time schooling. A special school-leaving qualification is not needed, what is of importance is an interest and motivation.

Since the summer of 2011 the Ecological Federal Voluntary Service (BFD) also exists parallel to the Voluntary Ecological Year. The Federal Voluntary Service also provides new deployment possibilities for applicants over 26 years old.

FÖJ-Trailer – By volunteers for volunteers

The Voluntary Ecological Year in Brandenburg
– A film by volunteers for volunteers, created in the framework of the seminar for the 20-year anniversary of the Voluntary Ecological Year in 2014 (in German only!).

The Voluntary Ecological Year in Saxony-Anhalt
– for people who have completed their schooling and would like to get involved in working for nature and the environment, the FÖJ offers several opportunities. Volunteers from Saxony-Anhalt introduce themselves and their FÖJ work places (in German only!).

Details about the Voluntary Ecological Year in the federal states (in German)

The FÖJ is funded by the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth and the European Social Fund (ESF).