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INCOMING voluntary services for interested overseas applicants

If you live overseas and would like to take part in a voluntary service in Germany, we have a range of possibilities for you.

If you live inGermany (for instance as an au pair), you can also apply to us for voluntary services that take place in Germany. Please contact the office in the state where you would like to do your voluntary service to receive more information.

During a voluntary service you will become involved in a project, also known as a ‘deployment site’, for the duration of 12 months. In the deployment site you will support the work of one of the ijgd-partners. These are organisations that are active in the social, cultural, monument preservation, political or ecological sectors. The ijgd will be there for you during your voluntary service and also support you in the preparation stage before your voluntary service begins.

The voluntary service is an educational year meaning that in the 12 months of the service you will gain many practical experiences and further your personal development. Furthermore it is an opportunity to improve your German language skills, to get to know the local culture and to experience everyday life in Germany.

A voluntary service includes up to 25 seminar days organised by the ijgd. In these seminars you will work with a group of young people on topics concerning pedagogy, politics, culture, monument preservation and ecology and will have the opportunity to share your experiences.

What you should know:

  • A voluntary service with ijgd lasts 12 months.
  • You will receive a contract, where your rights and obligations are described.
  • Most voluntary services begin in August or September (Be aware that if you need a visa for Germany you should apply early!)
  • You will work 38.5 - 40 hours a week in a project.
  • Age: usually 18 - 26 years.
  • German language skills are desirable: some deployment sites require a B1 level of German.
  • Your educational background is not important for your voluntary service.

You will receive:

  • A contact person to guide and support you in the deployment site;
  • Support from ijgd before and during the voluntary service, for example with your visa application;
  • The opportunity to share your experiences and knowledge and to become involved in a voluntary activity;
  • Pocket money and meal allowances;
  • Support during the search for accommodation;
  • Health insurance, accident insurance and liability insurance;
  • Holiday to unwind;
  • Support to improve your German language skills.