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Deployment Sites

During the Voluntary Social Year in Monument Preservation you will gain an insight into the exciting working fields of monument preservation, when you:

  • learn traditional craftsmanship in a crafts enterprise,
  • learn to have an eye for style elements and architectural history,
  • make contacts with firms, institutions and corporations in the fields of monument preservation and craft, or
  • discover a personal way of becoming active for society by taking part in the voluntary service.

The seminars of the Voluntary Social Year in Garden Heritage Preservation give an insight into the task fields surrounding garden heritage preservation (woodwork, tree felling, masonry, planting activities, vegetation technology, road-building, technology/string trimmer/power saw), landscape artistry, style elements of park design. In parks one may work on the restoration of historical paths, visual axes and park architecture. During the year the volunteers visit administrations, corporations, institutions and various parks.

Facilities where you can take part in a Voluntary Social Year in Monument Preservation

The tasks should primarily take place in decentralised facilities. Amongst others, there are spots in:  

Crafts enterprisesPlanning officesAdministrationsCultural facilities