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Educational Support

During the Voluntary Social Year in Garden Heritage Preservation the seminars give an insight into the task fields surrounding garden heritage preservation (woodwork, tree felling, masonry, planting activities, vegetation technology, road-building, technology/string trimmer/power saw), landscape artist, style elements of park design. In parks one works on the restoration of historical paths, visual axes and park architecture. During the year the volunteers visit administrations, corporations, institutions and various parks.

The ijgd organise an introductory and a final seminar and during the year carry out additional further trainings together with educational establishments. Emphases of these six weeks of seminar work for example include:

  • theory of mudbrick building and other craftsmanship
  • building with natural materials (natural colour, ecological insulation etc.)
  • study of architectural history
  • monument preservation and structural physics
  • usage of renewable energies
  • topical excursions

In garden heritage preservation:

  • introduction into garden heritage preservation (landscape artist, style elements, eras) and monument preservation
  • workshops with park work and introductory theoretical lectures (technology/string trimmer, power saw, study of wood and trees, plants, plant work, path construction, masonry works, vegetation technological work/maintenance work)
  • topical excursions
  • applied geography workshops, intercultural exchange, language course, language animation

All seminars are put together within a given framework, but still keeping the groups' interests in mind. Therefore, there is also enough space for individual wishes and ideas.

Participation in seminars is compulsory and counts as working time. There are no costs connected to the participation of seminars.