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Fields of activity within the Voluntary Social Year in Politics

Politics takes place in all spheres where people interact with each other, this is why the Voluntary Social Year in Politics/Democracy takes place in a broad spectrum of deployment sites and fields of activity.

These can be found in:

AdministrationsParliamentary InstitutionsMediaAssociationsNon-party organisations

Deployment sites commit to the following orientation, they:

  • acknowledge democratic values and partake in participation and co-determination,
  • advocate for the elimination of social circumstances that discriminate against groups or persons,
  • do educational work during developments in society that stand against the freedom and inviolability of human dignity of every person,
  • are geared towards regarding and respecting people with different opinions as long as they do not stand for racist, militaristic and sexist ideals,
  • support the personal initiative of youth in socio-political commitment,
  • promote a self-reflected political awareness,
  • favour a critical, self-reflected thought and action in local and global contexts,
  • commit to not using young people for party-political objectives.