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Educational support

Educational work in the form of seminars is an important part of the concept of the Voluntary Social Year. The law stipulates that 25 seminar days are compulsory, which we usually execute in blocks of 5 days in fixed groups.

The connection between practical experiences of volunteers in their deployment sites and the reflection in the seminar groups makes it easier for the youth to cope with their day-to-day work. We emphasise the importance of theme-specific work units and the strengthening of individual, creative potentials.

The seminars serve as a support for social commitment on behalf of volunteers and the development of personal as well as professional life perspectives. The educational work helps volunteers of the FSJ to be able to identify interrelations, receive background information and acquire new impulses for day-to-day work.

As the facilitator of the Voluntary Social Year, ijgd is in charge of the educational support. This includes the individual support of volunteers (via telephone and when visiting the deployment site) and the seminar work. In some special cases we can also advise the deployment site.
The deployment site is responsible for the technical guidance and assumes the necessary support and guidance of volunteers during the deployment.

The individual support of volunteers takes place through ijgd, even prior to the start of the voluntary service, through comprehensive information and advice in decisions made during the application process. During the employment period, consultations via telephone are always possible and aside from that there is the possibility for individual conversations during the deployment site visits and during the seminars.

The educational support of ijgd has the following goals:

  • self-organisation
  • intercultural learning
  • social learning
  • emancipation of the sexes
  • ecological learning
  • voluntary work
  • political learning
  • anti-racism/discrimination