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Information for interested employment sites

Why do young people do a Voluntary Social Year?

They want to try out new things, get to know their limits, get an idea of what working life is like, find out what it is like working in the social field or usefully implement their time during periods of waiting (for example waiting for a training or a study place).

What are the duties of the deployment site?

Supporting and instructing the volunteer at the deployment site, training and supporting the volunteer during the working process, ensuring that the volunteer is employed as an additional assistant, releasing the FSJ volunteer for the education seminars. There are 25 days allocated to the seminars in total.

What costs arise for the deployment site?

Paying a pocket money, organising the catering or paying food allowance, paying the employer and employee part of the social security contribution, registering with the insurance association, registering at the health insurance, a monthly payment of an educational levy to the ijgd.  Possibly you may have to make accommodation available or pay the non-monetary remuneration value.

How many off-days does a volunteer receive?

Participants of the FSJ receive at least 26 days off work. For further information please contact the offices that are responsible for the respective states.