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Voluntary Work & Commitment

The ijgd strongly depends on voluntary supporters who really set the groundwork for us and the voluntary services. Some of our former volunteers- having taken part in a workcamp, voluntary social year (FSJ), voluntary ecological year (FÖJ) or the social year for cultural heritage preservation – are now involved with the ijgd on a long-term basis.

If you would like to do something meaningful with your time, test yourself and your interests and skills, assume responsibility for something and develop on a personal level then the ijgd is the right place for you. The ijgd is a non-profit association that is independent of any church or party-affiliations and at the center of which lies the international youth work.

For over sixty years the ijgd has been a place where people from various countries across the world come together to overcome prejudice and stereotypes through joint action and where friendships are made.


We offer internships in various sectors of our association. You can collect many valuable experiences and test yourself in a number of different areas. Some of our ijgd offices also have internships recognised by some universities as the final internship needed to complete your degree.

Work groups

Ijgd has a number of various work groups that deal with various topics intensively. It is an institution that deals with a specific topic for a certain amount of time. This is a safe space created for the purpose of reacting to current questions that may arise and trying to find answers to these questions. Some work groups may be active for a longer period of time.

Group teaming

We are always interested in young motivated people teaming up in the various different voluntary services. This may happen together with staff or other voluntary supporters of the ijgd. Could this be an important building block in your course of studies?

Education and training

For those of you who decide to stay active with the ijgd for a longer period of time, you have the chance of furthering your training within the association. We have some very attractive further trainings to offer. Here you also have the opportunity to participate and to define themes important to you. This is an interesting option for people who want to stay on top of things.

Membership and life in the association

If you have been a loyal member for a while now, then maybe it is now time for a membership. In this way you also have the chance of taking part in decisions as to where the association is headed. We as a non-profit association are dependent on voluntary commitment. Perhaps you have the time, passion and the sense of responsibility to take over a post, that will allow you to prove your leadership qualities.