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Seminar Leader Circle (SCL)

The seminar leader circle is the main seminar implemented to train new seminar leaders as well as to give further training to experienced seminar leaders. The concept of this group entails the following elements:
The strand of training
Interested volunteers who have successfully taken part in a training seminar and have led at least one workcamp have the opportunity to lead a training seminar for the soon-to-be workcamp team leaders. In this strand of seminar management group training all necessary content of the training seminars is compiled (taking into consideration the evaluation of the previous season), discussed and methodical implementations proposed and tested. This strand of training will take place during the mornings with three fixed groups of 15 to 18 people.

The forum

For those who have already taken part in one of the seminar management groups and have led at least one training seminar on their own, there is the opportunity to take part in a forum. The forum group will deal with questions concerning pedagogy, conceptual ideas, policy orientation and other questions relevant to the ijgd.

Market of opportunities

This term refers to the pedagogical and/or policy orientation themes relevant to the ijgd such as ecological learning, further training for role-playing, anti-racist work, appearing before groups and pedagogy of play. If needed, we will invite speakers from outside of the ijgd. The market of opportunities will take place in the form of workshops in the afternoons. The workshops may be picked freely according to preference.
In the evenings there will be a fair amount of leisure activities, interesting work units, night hikes and as goes without saying: fun, games, excitement and relaxation.

The next seminar management group will take place from 27th of February until th 6th of March 2015 in Tettenborn (close to Bad Sachsa/Lower Saxony).

You can register here: workcamp.leader(at)ijgd.de