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Seminar Instructors for Training Seminars

Group leaders for workcamps

Our training seminars prepare you for the leadership of workcamps. Here pedagogical foundations, organisational and legal know-how, games for groups as well as intercultural, social and ecological learning processes are taught.

Team leaders in training seminars for voluntary services (voluntary social year, voluntary ecological year, federal voluntary service, voluntary social year in politics and voluntary social year in cultural heritage preservation)

Our training seminars for team leaders prepare you to take over the leadership of a training seminar. Depending on your previous experience, you - together with a pedagogical assistant from the ijgd or with other team leaders - will lead five to seven one-week seminars in the cycle from September to August. This entails the content and organisational preparation of the seminars with the volunteers, the pedagogical support of group processes and the seminar execution on site as well as the evaluation of seminars.