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Working and Study Groups at the ijgd

The study groups (AK) or working groups (AG) act within a restricted time frame or permanently on topics that are relevant to the ijgd. Therefore they shape the profile of the association, stimulate discussions, develop pedagogical methods or allow for work on projects.

In this way for instance the sixth pillar "ecological learning" or specific study and workcamps were initiated, films were filmed about specific themes, structures of volunteers and honorary members connected and information flyers developed.

Study or working groups active at the moment:

The study and working groups rely on the dedication of their members. Interested parties are always welcome. They can also come up with new ideas and specific concerns and form a new work group. The existing work groups have created a guideline for the formation of a new work group. Further information can be found at the ijgd executive board or with one of the above work groups.  

Send an email to the ijgd executive board: vorstand@ijgd.de

There is a working group meeting (AKT) with all work groups that takes place annually. Of course all interested persons are welcome to take part. The goal of this event is the exchange and the discussion of topics that are relevant to all work groups, as well as the preparation of the members meeting/annual planning conference, common public relations work or the implementation of new ideas as well as supporting the formation of new work groups.