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AK Climate Education

Climate change, phasing out nuclear energy, energy conflicts, global warming – often a time these discussions are difficult to grasp and convey the idea that climate change is erupting like an unavoidable catastrophe. This results in many people shutting down, fleeing into their private sphere and being passive. "We can't do anything about it anyway!". But "yes, we can!" is our notion.

We are

...a vibrantly mixed group of ijgd volunteers who are especially interested in themes around climate and all that connects to it. Our idea: Giving ourselves and other volunteers of the ijgd more insight into climate and climate change and thus allowing us to be become active in climate protection.

We exist because

...we think that the ijgd pillar "ecological learning" means more than offering vegetarian food at seminars, taking the train and saving energy (which does not mean these are not very important!) and should be expanded to incorporate an ecopolitical component.
...because we are of the opinion that the themes climate and environment protection and energy transition is highly current and essential (for survival) and so many especially young people find themselves interested in this that we definitely want to have more of this in the trainings and education structures and the voluntary services of the ijgd.

...because we are aware that we ourselves are still too uninformed about what is actually happening to our environment. We want to further our own education and find out how and where we can take responsibility and become active in climate protection.

Up until now...

  • we have a LZA seminar around the theme "climate protection" from 28.-30. June 2013 in Alfeld
  • a solidarity workcamp at the climate camp 2013 in the Rhenish lignite mining region near Cologne
  • a comic brochure around the theme "brown coal and climate change" in cooperation with the Eine Welt Netz NRW, the BUND Jugend, ausgeco2hlt and others


The things we have planned:

  • further trainings and trainings of multipliers: How can the theme of climate protection be conveyed in seminars and in workcamps?
  • connection and cooperation with climate protection organisations
  • revisions of ijgd education material

Can I take part?

Of course! We are open to all those who would like to join us. A prior knowledge is great but no necessity. We teach ourselves what we believe to be important and are always welcome to new ideas and impulses. All you need to do to join us is write to us!