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My name is Dionysia and I am 20 years old. And this is the second time that I took part in a work camp abroad so I decided to share my experience and the memories that I gained during my work camp in Hamburg Wilhelmsburg.

Name:Dionysia S.Alter:20Einsatzstelle:Hamburg WilhelmsburgInhaltliche Ausrichtung:International Mediacamp
The contet of the reports lies in the responsibilites of the authors.

The workcamp lasted 2 weeks from July 28th to August 11th and the main task was to make a short film about a topic of your choice which has to do with or promotes Wilhelmsburg. We worked in a media center near by our accommodation in groups of 3-4 people which made the work even more interesting as we had better communication and everybody had the opportunity to work on different tasks. In my group we chose to make a film about the climbing center in InselPark Wilhelmsburg.

During the first week we learned how to use a professional camera and how to be able to take shots from different angles while in the second week we edited all the footage that we filmed. We corrected the colors and added sound as well. The project was very interesting and educational and also while we were working we had useful advices and help from media experienced educators.

Apart from the work the accommodation was great. We stayed in “Haus der Jugend Kirchdorf” a place that provided us with a variety of facilities to choose from such as table tennis, billiard even a basketball court.

During the workcamp I had the opportunity to make new friends from all over the world and explore Hamburg with them as we had plenty of free time after the work. During the weekend the camp leaders also organized a very nice trip to Lübeck and the Baltic Sea. It was a fulfilling experience that was worth to try.

The contet of the reports lies in the responsibilites of the authors.