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It was such a great summer. I have lots of stories to tell you about my first experience in such a camp. I think that even a week is not enough. ;)))

Name:Maryna P.Alter:21Einsatzstelle:HombergInhaltliche Ausrichtung:Renovation

Firstly, we had a great accommodation. I was absolutely in love with the house and with all rooms and kitchen, especially!

From the very first day all participants became like a huge friendly family. We all are from different parts of the world, everyone with own interests etc.  but I think thanks to our camp leaders we have become so understanding of each other. They made great efforts and I respect them!

Every day at camp was full of laughter and games. With each day we were becoming closer and closer. Even the work near the castle was not so hard, because we were together. And also we were so lucky to have such cool "bosses". I mean the 3 men who were controlling our work. They showed us a lot in Homberg and other places near the city too.

Our free time
To be honest we often were hanging out in the swimming pool. Wow!! It was wonderful! Sun, water, water rides, perfect company, ball games... Hmm... What could be better? 

Cooking! It is another BIG theme for discussion.  I have tasted so delicious food!!! Italian, French, Spanish, Arabic food…  And the process of cooking was so dynamic and exciting! And then cleaning up together afterwards.

Of course I can’t forget to tell you about our trip to Kassel and Frankfurt. I was so amazed! We had sooo much fun together. Going shopping is such an extreme activity, I should say. All those packages, bottles. We had so much fun coming back home.

One more important thing was our cozy evening talks. We were discussing almost everything (family, friends, hard life situations, happiness, school, university and hobbies) Oh, even now I can't hold my tears back.

And our last evening there was a wine fest in Homberg. I can't even explain how much I was touched by the whole atmosphere there. 

Finally saying good bye was soooo hard! But it's nothing, because now we can meet each other in Mexico, Italy, Spain, Russia, Ukraine, France and Germany. We are all still stay in touch. Now we have such invisible power and it connects us! 

Thank you so much for such unbelievable emotions. It was an important and very useful experience in my life. 

Hope that in the nearest future I can try myself as camp leader. 

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