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It was an experience that I will never forget!

First of all, I would like to say that I recommend enjoying one of this experience. It makes you feel differently, you change your way of seeing the world, enjoy fully of sharing moments with the people, etc. Actually, it makes you grow as a person.

Name:Judith P.Alter:20Einsatzstelle:Eixendorfer SeeInhaltliche Ausrichtung:Renovation
The contet of the reports lies in the responsibilites of the authors.

Now I’m going to introduce my workcamp to let you know what it was about:

I was 21 days in Seebarn, Germany (almost the whole month of July - 2017). Our work it was under the guidance of the Eixendorf Seemeisterstelle, part of the Weiden Water Management Office, we was renovating information boards around the Eixendorf lakeside trail. We furnished the stands with wooden tiles.

Leaders, Group and Accomodation

During these three weeks, we had 3 leaders. All of them were the best that I’ve ever had. They took care of us a lot and I can assure that they tried the best of them. So our group in total was 14 people. We are from different countries: Spain, Turkey, China, South Korea, Switzerland, Armenia and also from Germany.
I am very grateful with the accommodations that they offered us, even the transport that we used (1 van and 1 car).
We were in a cosy house that it had: 1 kitchen, 2 living rooms, 2 toilets, 2 bathrooms, 4 bedrooms and a large terrace.
Likewise, I felt very well with my roommates. I told them that they were like my sisters. Well, all of them were like my family. I appreciate them so much!

Team work, free time and problem solving

The routine that we were following was to work in the mornings from Monday until Friday. The evenings and the weekends we were resting.
So, in our leisure time we did group activities. For example: to go to Regensburg and München, to play basketball and tennis, to play the guitar, to sail along the lake, to hike, to dance, to ride a horse, etc.

In any conviviality with a numerous group of persons an order is needed. We organized the tasks of the house and we did groups to cook, kitchen team. Actually, it allowed us to know the other cultures and to learn to be tolerant. Summarizing: to have the opened mind all the time.
It is true that in spite of the whole organization and the effort of each one of us for establishing a good environment in the group, we had disagreements, which it was difficult for us to solve.
Nevertheless, this convinced that we all learned that the respect is fundamental and that it never has to get lost.

It seems to be ironic, but the best moments of cooperation and the sensation of being really a close group it was when we were having to work hard.Probably it was because we all were quotients to what we had gone there, to work. But I am sure that it was because in the "difficult" moments, all we know that always a support is needed (to feel accompanied). Then it is when the real human amiability is demonstrated.

I take home with me many memorable and enjoyable moments with them.

Especially, when we were cooking. Also, when each of us was teaching words in his/her mother language. It was a funny moments that we spent together and I learned much of them.

Thank you for making possible these meetings and for your help as organisation from Germany.

The contet of the reports lies in the responsibilites of the authors.