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People were fantastic: both work campers and leaders were helpful, smart, kind and worked hard!

I would recommend to do a work camp to every people who want to get in touch with other cultures and to have good time with other nice people.

Name:Lucrezia C.Alter:17Einsatzstelle:Fachdienst Forst, Naturschutz des Alb-Donau-KreisesInhaltliche Ausrichtung:Environment

It was my first work camp outside Italy and I was a little bit worried when I arrived because I was one of the youngest and the only Italian person there. Nevertheless, already the second day I felt more comfortable and after three days it seemed like we knew each other since years.

I will tell you about our trip at the lake of Costanze.

We went there on Sunday of the first week. The weather was so good and, after travelling with train for 2 hours and a half, we arrived at the lake and trek up a mountain for one hour and an half. It was tiring but fun (we played "connection" all the time).

After getting down from the mountain we had a bath in the lake and then took the train to return at Mochental. But we made a mistake and we missed the second train we had to take. So we had to wait two hours to an autogrill: it was the best thing could happen to us!

We had a lot of fun together and knew others much better than we had already done.


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