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Hi! It’s Martina from Barcelona.
I want to share my experience from the workcamp I did this last summer in Germany. I would like to start by saying this camp was my third option and I didn’t pay much attention to it because I wasn’t really into nature and this kind of stuff but I have to say it has been one of the best experiences of my life.

Name:Martina G.Alter:16Einsatzstelle:Environment protection & survival in SchwafördenInhaltliche Ausrichtung:Nature & environment

The camp included work, workshops and free time. I enjoyed everything due to all the other participants who I love. I feel I have been so lucky because all of them were so funny, kind and always helped each other and contribute to make the workcamp the best as possible. I also have to say the camp leaders were a 10, I mean I reckon they couldn’t have been better because although the little difference of age they were as crazy as the teenagers and we really really had fun with them. 

So talking about the accommodations and the work… The place where we were sleeping was great, the rooms were so wide and the toilets were ok. Moreover, there was a hall where we could play or just chill (and some nights sleep there all together) and then outside there was plenty of space for us to play or walk or anything in the nature (one night we all slept outside), it was really beautiful.

The work started so early but I was previously informed about that so that wasn’t a problem although the second week we were all exhausted. The work we had to the mainly consisted in “killing trees” as we said as a joke but basically we had to boot trees because they didn’t let the heather (another type of plant) grow so we were protecting it. Furthermore, there were some days where we could stay in the workcamp accommodations and help out there for example building high chairs for hunting or help in the house team. There we had to clean, wipe and all of this stuff and also helping in the kitchen by cleaning all the dishes after the meals, laying the table, helping the staff there (more tiring than I expected but at least you were inside so you can enjoy a day without sweating)… The workshops were sometimes boring but they only lasted one hour or one hour and a half… they taught you how to do different things related with survival skills because this camp was about that.

The free time was the best, we had time and freedom to do whatever we wanted to and we really became close friends of each other. We loved to play table tennis a lot and also baby football and the most important Werewolf. We spent literally lots of hours playing that… we were kind of addicted. We also had to come up with some ideas of what to do in the free afternoons so we did water fights, international exchanges of food (which everyone enjoyed a lot), we also went to the swimming pool twice by riding the bike 40 min… (About that I would advise you to fulfill all the requirements needed for the workcamp because we had some trouble because of that like being able to bike or speak the language well enough for example).

On the weekend we went to Bremen and spent the whole day there, we had a lot of freedom there and we had such a wonderful day doing sightseeing. 

Getting there was a bit complicated but easy at the same time, I’ll explain: from Bremen we had to go by tram to the central station, then by train and then another bus to get to the meeting point where they came with some vans to pick us up. It seems quite complicated but in the end it turned out to be easier than I imagined. 

The culture clash was not as big as I thought. Even though there were a lot of different nationalities (Russian, Turkish, Korean, Vietnamese, Italian, French, Spanish…), we were all open minded and respected everyones’ traditions, food and everything. I loved the exchange of all the cultures and languages.

So I think I’ve explained a little bit about the workcamp and I hope I have helped you if you wanted to get a better idea of what it’s like. I loved the 2 weeks I spent there and I would like to repeat the experience for sure and meet all my new friends. And I have to add it helped me a lot to improve my English and my skills of being more sociable and survival ones so that is awesome!

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