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Training schedule

General information:

The training seminars bear the same basics. It does not matter which seminar you visited, you can use it to lead any workcamp.

Most of the seminars additionally have specific aspects. These include approximately half a day of each seminar.

01251Digital training05.03. - 07.03.2021 - Digital
26.03. - 28.03.2021 - Digital
21.05. - 24.05.2021 - Live Format (Salzgitter)
Inspired! Learn to leadEnglischregister now
21351Digital training (Gut alte Heide II)12.04.2021 - 16.04.2021
online sessions each day from 2pm – 6pm
Digital TrainingEnglischregister now
40102Digital Training (Hannover)

21.06.2021 - 25.06.2021
daily 4 hours online session

International Training for group leadersEnglischregister now

#stayconnected Online Trainings

We are so happy to invite you to our international digital ijgd training! With the help of our great seminar leaders, we developed something new for you to #stayconnected during the Covid-19 crisis.

We want you to

  • get connected with other people who are interested in ijgd Workcamps
  • get more information on what it means to be an ijgd Workcamp leader
  • get the opportunity to share experience
  • strengthen your intercultural and social competence
  • feel you ARE a part of the intercultural and international volunteering group
  • and of course to have fun together!


To participate in our digital Trainings you need a stable internet connection, laptop or mobile phone, microphone and camera. The training is free of charge.

This digital training can be only a first step to become an ijgd group leader - you will get an overview and inspiration! It cannot replace an ijgd training. Dates for January/February are following

Preparation Seminars

71662Preparation Seminar Berlin (digital Seminar)04.06.2021 - 06.06.2021OnlineEnglishregister now

Questions concerning training seminars can addressed here:

For general questions about the training seminars, please contact the federal office of ijgd in Hannover:

ijgd Hannover: workcamps.leiten@ijgd.de - 0511-13 22 97 54

Questions concerning a particular seminar: For seminar numbers beginning with the number 1, please contact Hildesheim, for seminar numbers beginning with the number 2 please contact Bonn and for seminar numbers beginning with 7 please contact Berlin.