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Workcamps in Africa, Asia and Latin America

The main goals of the workcamps are a cultural exchange as well as supporting local projects. Workcamps are short-term projects with international groups and usually last two to three weeks, in some cases also four weeks.  You can take part in a workcamp in various fields: would you like to build a building together with other volunteers? Or would you be more interested in teaching? You could also become active in an environmental project. For a first overview, you can take a look at our offers with our search engine.

It is possible to take part in a preparation seminar before departure in order to prepare yourself for the workcamp experience and the stay abroad. Since 2015, it is no longer obligatory for you to attend one of these preparation seminars, but if you are interested you are of course still able to take part. During the international workcamps, shared living and work allows participants - who are at least 18 years of age at the time of departure - to not only work on specific projects but also actively get to know different people from different countries. This, aside from a cultural exchange, also allows for a discussion around North-South interconnections.

After completion of the voluntary service, ijgd offers a follow-up seminar where you will also find out about more possibilities for further involvement.

Usage hints: The dates for specific workshops are to be found under the country of the specific workcamp programme. To find out the dates therefore take a look at the page "Countries in the workcamp programme", click on the country of your choice and scroll down to click on "click here for the workcamp dates".  You will then see an overview table or a running text. In the overview table you can click on the project name "Prj. name" and then a further window will open. Now click on "full description" and you will see the camp description.