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Participation conditions: workcamp programme in Africa, Asia or Latin America

1. The minimum age for the participation in a workcamp in Africa, Asia or Latin America lies at 18 years at the time of departure, a maximum age does not usually exist for most workcamps. The maximum age for a flight subsidy from the BMFSFJ (Federal Minstry for Families, Seniors, Women and Youth) in the workcamp package 1 lies at 26 years.

2. The registration is to be made via the workcamp registration form (online and via post). With your signature you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of the AALA programme of ijgd.

3. The registration of the workcamp programme will only be processed once we have received the registration fee in our account amounting to:

100 EUR (workcamp package 1)

360 EUR (workcamp package 2)

150 EUR (workcamp package 3)

This amount includes the agency fee as well as accommodation and food costs during the follow-up seminar. Transport costs to and from seminars are to be carried by participants.

4. Should a participant pull back his or her registration for the workcamp in written form before the confirmation, the following fees will be refunded:

50 EUR (workcamp package 1)

310 EUR (workcamp package 2)

100 EUR (workcamp package 3)

5. If a participant pulls back his or her registration for the participation in a preparation seminar before the closing date for applications, the participant will receive back 50 EUR. The only exception: sickness/accident, that would make participation in the seminar impossible (please make sure to hand in a doctor's note). If the seminar registration is cancelled after the closing date for applications there will be no refund.

6. If a participant does not take part in the preparation seminar without having previously cancelled the registration, the participant will not be entitled to a refund of the registration and seminar fee.  

7. Applicants who have not been accepted to the seminar from the side of the ijgd will receive back the total amount of their registration and seminar fee.

8. If, in particular cases, ijgd establishes during a preparation seminar that a participant is not fit to do a workcamp, a clarifying talk will be had with the participant in question. In some exceptional and justified cases, ijgd reserves the right not to send the participant to a workcamp. 

9. It is not possible to switch into the voluntary service programme MTV during the preparation seminar. An application for the MTV would have to have been made prior to the preparation seminar.  

10. Mental and physical health is a requirement for the participation in the workcamp programme. The ijgd reserves the right to cancel a participation confirmation if wrongful indications concerning health have been made on the application form or if a medical condition, treatment or treatment requirement that could be of risk to the participation in the programme arises after the registration. Participation in the programme with possible health constraints is at own risk and may only occur in arrangement with the respective partner organisation.

11. A maximum of two participants will be sent by ijgd to the same workcamp.

12.  Before departure, a report deposit will be charged for the workcamp 1. This deposit will be reimbursed as soon as the ijgd has received the workcamp evaluation report. The respective form will be provided together with the information CD. For workcamp 2 and workcamp 3 there will be no charge of a report deposit because there is no obligation to provide proof to the youth ministry. However, it would be appreciated if the report form be filled out and sent back to the ijgd so that the collaboration with the partner organisations may be evaluated based on participants' experiences.  

13. The ijgd sends participants out to a maximum of two consecutive workcamps.

14. For participants of workcamps aged between 18 and 26: a right to receive a subsidy from the BMFSFJ ( Federal Ministry of Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth) only comes into effect if the criteria for workcamp package 1 apply. Flights are booked by ijgd on behalf of the participant. If the participant extends his or her stay on site, an extra 280 EUR agency fee arises Reason for this are the regulations of the BMFSFJ (on the grounds of the German Travel Expenses Act), whereby public grants may not be used for private purposes (such as vacations).

15. If a workcamp cannot take place or has to be postponed due to organisational, content-related or security issues (such as travel warnings by the Federal Foreign Office), ijgd will inform the affected volunteer on time and figure out an alternative. This requires that the participant be reachable. If an alternative that suits all parties cannot be negotiated, the registration fee will be refunded. An entitlement to the refund of a registration or seminar fee does not exist. 

16. The ijgd sends participants to workcamps of their partner organisations in Africa, Asia and Latin America. The placement is achieved through the participation confirmation by ijgd on behalf of the respective partner organisation after the participant has been registered with the partner organisation with his or her documents. The planning, preparation, assignment and execution of programmes on site is exclusively the responsibility of the respective partner organisation.

17. A change of specific work tasks within the described programme may be necessary at times and does not free a participant from the responsibility to work, as long as no unreasonable work is connected to this.

18. If a workcamp has to be interrupted due to external reasons or if the operation is no longer possible on site due to security reasons (such as travel warnings by the Federal Foreign Office), alternative operations elsewhere will be searched for. 

19. Possible conflicts between participants and partner organisations should be informed to ijgd as soon as possible via email, only in this way the ijgd can mediate in conflict management.

20. If a participant wants to end the workcamp prematurely, the cancellation modalities will have to be discussed with the partner organisation. The partner organisation is entitled to receive the participation fee in any case. The participant is not entitled to receive a refund of the already paid participation fee.

21. The partner organisation and the ijgd reserve the right to exclude a participant from the workcamp in justified cases. Exclusion is the last resort if a problem cannot be solved. The participant is not entitled to receive a refund of the already paid participation fee. 

22. Accommodation and food corresponds with the common standards locally where the workcamp takes place.

23. The financial contribution to the partner organisation for administration, accommodation, food and support in the workcamp is to be made to the partner organisation on site. The participant has to pay for the transport costs (collection) from the airport if it is not included in the workcamp participation fee. This will be stated in the programme of the respective organisation.

24. For some workcamps in addition to a command of the English language, basic knowledge of French or Spanish are necessary. The language requirements are stated in the specific programmes for the respective partner organisations.

25. The partner organisation has the right to draw up a written agreement regarding a code of conduct for the workcamp participation with the volunteer on site before the start of the workcamp.

26. Health related preventive measures (such as vaccinations etc.), entering a foreign health, accident and liability insurance as well as acquiring a visa (including if necessary a visa recognition and visa extension in the host country) are the responsibility of the participant and to be paid by him/herself.