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Preparation and follow-up

Preparation seminar

Since 2015 it is no longer obligatory for you to attend one of these preparation seminars, but if you are interested, you are of course still able to take part.  You can choose between three dates (Easter, Summer and Autumn). You will find the seminar dates under the point "Costs & Dates".

The preparation seminar aims at helping you with your orientation: you will receive information about possible challenges that may arise, thoughts on your own role and impulses for cross-cultural learning. There will also be a chance to speak about motivation and expectations on behalf of participants and returners of workcamps will report on their experiences. You will also be able to talk to other participants who are planning the same as you.

Note: In order to avoid false expectations with respect to the preparation seminar, the following should be mentioned: As the workcamp programme is the smallest programme in terms of participant numbers (in comparison with weltwärts and the MTV), the AALA group is no longer able to give information about individual workcamps or specific countries during a preparation seminar. There is no guarantee that MTV or workcamp returners from your country of choice will be present during a preparation seminar. The preparation is a combined seminar for MTV and workcamps, with the majority of attendants being MTV volunteers.

We work with very diverse methods during our seminars. The seminars are organised by returners of voluntary services and are based on self organisation, which is one of the core principles of ijgd. And if you do not want to depart on your own the seminar can offer the chance to find someone else to travel with.

Workcamp and MTV volunteers attend the same preparation seminar. It is, however, not possible to switch to the MTV programme during the preparation seminar. In order to take part in the MTV programme you need to apply for the MTV prior to the seminar.

Follow-up and continued work

A follow-up seminar for workcamp and MTV participants takes place each year in Autumn. Here you will be able to share your experiences with volunteers, some of whom may have been in different countries, giving you the opportunity to compare and contemplate on what you can do with these experiences back at home. You will also have time to think about your experience more intensely. You might also have suggestions how the ijgd and the partner organisations can improve and add to their work. The ijgd will inform you about further possibilities of being active abroad or in your country.