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The two weeks I spend at the Allegany Valley Project were amazing and I will forever cherish the
time and the people I met there.

Name:Julia S.Alter:20Einsatzstelle:Allegany Valley ProjectInhaltliche Ausrichtung:Archaeology and Culture

The village of Allegany is a quiet all American small town with all necessities in walking distance. We often took long walks after work or dinner and explored the neighbourhood and surrounding nature. The accommodation was great and very comfortable. I shared the student house with four other volunteers and we all got along greatly and everyone had their own room. With only one bathroom there were some congestions sometimes, especially after work when everyone wanted to take a shower, but otherwise it worked great. At times it could get very hot and humid but we thankfully had enough ventilators to provide almost
every room with one.

We would leave for work at about nine o clock and we would drive to the archeological site, which was on a farm about 10 minutes from where we lived. There was a barn where we would put our lunch in prior to work and we would also eat our lunches during break at the barn. The work we did was amazing. With the help and guidance of Steve, our camp leader, we were able to excavate 800 year old pottery. The work was very divers, raging from very physical digging
and scraping of dirt to more laid back activity like cleaning our findings or recording them. We worked until about 03 to 03:30 so that we would be home at 4pm.

Then we had some free time to relax until dinner. We would usually have one or two volunteers that would make dinner. We would take turns and we could decide on our own what we would make for the others. After dinner we would usually sit and talk or go food shopping at Walmart. This was our daily procedure. On Friday we went to Salamanca to The Marvin “Joe” Curry Veterans PowWow, it was an amazing experience to get in contact with native American history and culture. On the following day we also visited the Seneca Iroquois National Museum. On the weekend we took a trip to the Allegany State-park and to the Letchworth State-park. We went to see the most important viewpoints and attractions, for instance the three waterfalls, and had a picnic. The next week we went back to our daily routine. One evening we went bowling and had pizza together. On Thursday night we went to the cinema together as a final measure time activity. On Friday we had our last day of work and our final dinner together. We started to pack everything up and spend a quiet evening together also saying our goodbyes since some had to leave early in the morning.

All in all it was a great work camp and I would recommend it to everyone without hesitation.


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