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Cultural Learnings of Korea

Art-in-Nature is an organisation, which revives the city through art for non-profit purposes. They invite international artists and volunteers to Busan, Korea each year
to participate in their art projects.

Name:Arda Y. aus DeutschlandAlter:30 yearsEinsatzstelle:Art-in-Nature-DorfInhaltliche Ausrichtung:Culture, Art

This report summarizes the application, preperation and working periods for this project and my overall experience. 


Cultural Learnings of Korea


I have completed my application following the guidelines on the IJGD Website by the end of March.  I received the confirmation by the middle of May. I stayed in contact with IJGD Office through e-mails. They were always friendly and promptly with their replies.   


The Korean organisation had sent Informative e-Mails and information sheets about one month before the start of the workcamp. The info sheets covered all of the important details to plan a trip to Korea (meeting point, contact persons, transportation, work, food/accommodation, health insurance, what to bring, general information, cost of a beer)

I have booked my flight on a promotional fare as soon as I have received the confirmation. I have added a cancellation insurance to my ticket, so that I could get some refund in case of cancellations due to unexpected reasons (e.g. health problems)

Additionally, the workcamp leaders have got into touch with the participants, and they verified our cell phone numbers and emergency contacts. They were very helpful to answer the questions and clarify some final details before a long-haul intercontinental trip.

Getting There & Meeting the Campers...

I have landed on Seoul (Incheon) after a day long journey. I overnighted and took some rest in Seoul. The next day I have reached Busan by train. The people from the organisation and the local campers welcomed us warmly  on the designated meeting time.


Art-In-Nature’ Organisation installs artwork (e.g. sculptures, wall paintings, large-scale ceramic craftwork, boards, benches) and organises various performance art events in order to contribute some small piece of art into ordinary peoples' lives. We have engaged in installation and renovation work to assist the artists.

Each day three people were taking charge of the cooking and two people were doing the cleaning and the rest of us were helping the artists. The group leaders had arranged a schedule on the first day so that we could track our daily assignments.

Extra Activities & Free Time...

We had in total of 4 free days (two weekends). We have organised visits to nearby museums, beaches, Buddhist temples, Korean traditional saunas and most importantly karaoke bars. The camp leaders have helped us with ideas and organisation of the free time activities.


The cooking team of the day was responsible from the food. The assigned members of the cooking team were letting the camp leaders know about the ingredients they needed, and the camp leaders were doing the shopping . We were having basic breakfast eggs, cornflakes and bread), international lunch (mainly basic European courses e.g., Pasta, Schnitzel) and Korean dinner (lots of Noodle, rice and Kimchi ). After getting used to the local spices, I loved the Korean dishes and I can even eat rice with chopsticks now.


The camping site was on a wonderful mountain village, having a spectacular view of the city and the sea. Although the village was just 15 minutes away from the subway-station, it was aside a forest, very rural and natural. The accommodation was quite basic. We were staying in a two room village house. We were sleeping on the ground on mattresses in sleeping bags. We had no warm water (probably not needed in the warm climate) but we had the luxury of an air-conditioner.

Overall Experience...

We have all actively participated in creation of some artwork while cooperating people from various cultures and learned a lot from each other. The project has helped me to develop some insight for the connections between human, art and nature. In conclusion, it was an unforgettable experience where I have met awesome people, I have worked with somewhat eccentric artists and most important of all, I have had much fun. 

Here my Video-Impressions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qHppnTOrR0M&feature=youtu.be






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