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Pestalozzi 2013

It was the 29th of July, I still remember this summerday as it was yesterday.

At 3 pm i took the train from London to Battle couse the meeting point was there at the station at 5 pm. I was very excited and a little bit nervous. Which tasks are waiting for me??? Or how will be the guys there??? Question after question.

Name:Mariam MuntherAlter:21 JahreEinsatzstelle:Pestalozzi 2013Inhaltliche Ausrichtung:Renovation and Restoration

I arrived Battle at 5 pm at the station

there were also other of the group, Viktoria from Ukraine and Cristo from Spain, they were so nice and lovely. We walked out of the station where Sussie and Alex (our leader from England) were waiting for us. Sussie took us to the car Cristo Vicky and me we were the last one. Everyone was waiting for us. When I entered the car I saw many people from many different countries. It was so exciting. Two boys, Clark and Jimmy from Taiwan, Belina, she is Vietnamese but from Netherlands, Livio from Swiss, Adriano and Giudy from Italy, Joanna from Poland and me from Germany. They gave me a warm Welcome. I felt well and just thought it will be a great time with you guys. After we arrived the Pestalozzi Village Sussie and Alex showed us our rooms, kitchen, bath and of course also the Village (in Sedlescombe) I was impresed about the natural beauty and wonderful green area.....This all to the first day....

On 30th of July (second day) we all started to work.

We could chose where to work either in the field to pick up plants and transport woods or in the building. I prefered to work in the building with Livio and Giudy we made new windows, cleaned, saw wood and pained. In the evening some of us went to the pub in Sedlescombe it calls the Queens Head we had a great atmosphere there, the pub looked like a living-room (typical british).
I had a good Guinnes and enjoyed the evening with my new lovely friends there.

During the week we made lots of games to know each other better.

On 31st of July it was Sussies birthday our plan was to make a big surprise for her with a great costume party and delicious cake, it was very funny.

Finally it was weekend, we planed special trips.

On Saturday we went to Hastings it is a town in East Sussex it is on the South Coast of England. It was awesome, we took the ropeway to see the whole Hastings from above. We enjoyed the view to the sea from the cliff and after that we ate a typical british meal fish and chips. Everything in Hastings was so old, many old shops, equipments and streets with a great history. All in all I can say it was wonderful. The second trip on Sunday was walking to Battle we walked through the forest to the medieval town we visited the Battle Abbey and after that we made a break at Mrs Burtons Tee room a good restaurant in front of the Abbey .....I had the best milkshake ever.....

The first week was over and the second started,

unbelievable how time time flyed. The building in Pestalozzi Village was almost finished and the day of departure came near. On the last day after the work we made a big fire and ate marshmallows. A big party was the order of the day. The funny night was over and in the morning we had to leave the village.It was very difficult for me to say goodbye to my friends but full of hope to see them again...... I will miss the lovely Village. To all people that are not sure to do a project abroad couse at the first I also wasnt sure about a project abroad.... Do it Do it Do it...You will find lots of new friends and you will have lots of new funny adventures.

So dont be afraid just try it.




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