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My first workcamp!

The camp was very good and supported the team spirit!

Name:Jonathan H.Alter:14 yearsEinsatzstelle:Farm workInhaltliche Ausrichtung:Environment

As soon as the plane landed in Reykjavik...

...we picked up our luggage, met our contact person at the meeting point of the airport and drove by car to an apartment house in Rejkyavik. Shortly after that we ate dinner, chicken wings with salad. Then we went to bed.

Surprisingly there was no breakfast in the morning so we went hungry into the bus. We thought, that we drove directly to the farm, so we underestimated the weather. It was sunny but much colder compared to Germany.

The first stop was a kiosk. Nobody wondered and we bought some food. The next
stop was at a big waterfall, the Gullfoss fall. The air was a little bit moist and misty but the view was beautiful. Then we walked between the tectonic plates (the European plate and the American plate), on one site was a big wall on the other a big lake. It was impressive to have the opportunity to stand on two continents.

Afterwards we drove to the farm and we ate lasagne for dinner. During the next week we just worked.

The group and our work

“We” were 2 Canadians, 3 Russians, 4 Germans, 2 French and one girl from Italy. A normal day proceded like this: getting up at 9:30 o’clock am, breakfast and then we sometimes played boardgames. The work started at 10:00 o’clock. We had four teams, no team contained more than one person per nation.

Our working teams

The teams were named as follow: whales, deers, horses and puffins. For example, whales cooked lunch, so they didn´t have to work outside. The team deers had to do the big house cleaning: vacuuming, cleaning the kitchen and the bathrooms. The team horses had to do the chickenhouse, so they searched for eggs, filled the food up and tried to find some woodsticks to bring them into the shed. The team puffins had to do the greenhouse, so they weeded the vegetable patches, watered
the plants inside the greenhouse and cropped some salad. Part of the greenhouse was dug into the earth.

As soon as all work was done...

...we ate eg. chicken with rice, which the whales had cooked, for lunch. When every person was finished the team horses cleaned the dishes, and evey other team had freetime, so we played boardgames like risk, Seddler of Catan or Jenga. At 5:00 o’clock pm the team puffins cooked noodles with pesto (an Italian speciality) and at 6:00 o’clock the dinner was ready to eat. Again, after everybody finished the whales cleaned the dishes and the other teams had freetime.

The teams rotated from day to day. Camp language was English.
Each nation had to present advantages and disadvantages (issues and environments) of its own country as a group. And each nation had to cook
something traditional for dinner. We, the germans, made Spätzle with mushrooms or cheese.

Free time

Two times we went either shopping or to a public swimming pool in Reykjavik, which was fun as we met Icelanders on the bus who started to talk to us.
In addition we made two hiking trips and made the Golden Circle tour (where we met many tourists) and the East Side tour (some tourists, extremely beautiful and challenging).

Everything was well planned by the teamers (who came from
Thailand, Russia and Finland) in advance so we had no


...the camp was very good and supported the team spirit. It was a challenge to meet people from all over the world and spend some time together with them.


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