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Together with up to eight people I tidied up paths and scratched windows – and got about a million mosquito bites but nonetheless had a lot of fun.

Name:Jonathan H.Alter:15Einsatzstelle:RoccanticaInhaltliche Ausrichtung:Renovation

Arriving at camp
I flew to Rom Fiumicino – with some minor surprises as I wasn’t able to get the connecting flight in Germany. From there I took the train to Poggio Mirteto and was picked up by a camp leader because there was no bus connection any further. We drove over some hills to a gym, where the whole group stayed for the night. The volunteers came from different countries: 1 from Russia, 2 from Spain, 3 from Italy, 2 from Turkey, 1 from Belgium, 3 from France and me. The camp language was English. The camp leaders came from different countries as well. The camp was well organized and the teamers were nice.

The next day we started with some warming up games and afterwards the refuge group climbed up the mountain. We played name games the whole day and slept in the gym again.

Starting like every day, we formed a circle and did a warming up game. We were split into 3 groups: Firstly the “painting group”, whose exercise was to paint a wooden fence, secondly “the others” who had to clean paths and scratched windows and fountains in order to paint them afterwards and thirdly the “cooking and cleaning” team, consisting of two persons. Together with up to eight people I tidied up paths and scratched windows – and got about a million mosquito bites but nonetheless had a lot of fun.

The daily routine
We usually got up at 7:30am, ate breakfast and started with the first working session at 9 o’clock. The cooking and cleaning team cleaned up until 12am and till 1pm they prepared lunch. Until 5pm we had free time and then we worked again until 7pm when we ate dinner.

The hiking
On July 11th we started to hike 17 km to the refuge at 08:15am. We passed the Mount Pizzuto, a 1288m high mountain. At the top of the mountain we had a picnic and afterwards we walked to the refuge where we ate pizza. During the night we slept under the stars which was beautiful as there was nearly no light pollution. On the way back we rambled only 6 km because we didn’t cross the mountain.

On July 15th we prepared the Amatriciana party. Building beer tables and benches for about 800 people we worked until 8pm when the party started. A band played songs and we ate nice pasta.

On the next day we hiked 4 hours to a little river/lake, where we swam. On the way to the lake we visited two hermit caves.

The food in the workcamp was tasty as we cooked it mostly by ourselves. For breakfast we had cereals and cookies, for lunch and dinner different pastas, salads, lasagne and tomatoes in rice. The tomatoes, olives, potatoes were awesome as they were produced nearby. The cooking and cleaning team made goat cheese one day which was tasty and unusual.

I would recommend this camp to open minded people, who like to hike and to live in a city and in the nature. The English language is essential, any Roman based language is helpful as nearly no person in Roccantica is able to speak English. I still have contact to all my camp mates – we exchanged our experiences from our different ways back to our home countries.


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