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An association with tradition and clear goals

The ijgd consists of a federal association to which 14 state associations are connected, all of which are recognised as non-profit associations. Furthermore the ijgd is not connected to any church and is independent of any party-affiliations. We have been organising voluntary social services both in Germany and abroad for over 70 years.

We offer young people the opportunity to become more aware of societal circumstances through the programmes that we offer. Young people are encouraged to make independent decisions or to stand up for marginalised social groups. This includes the promotion of understanding, and the dismounting of prejudices, between members of different nations, social classes, religions and world views.

The work of the ijgd is carried out by six branches and their regional offices. A voluntary executive board watches over the fate of the organisation. What started as a small project in Hanover has grown to become a renowned professional organisation with more than 5.500 volunteers taking part in various projects each year.